We Product Sacks by New Tech ,Sanitary & High Resistance

or any combination. For your liquid products, we ensure a flawless flow. Take a look at our services:

Four-Loop (Four Straps)

After producing flat texture or selvage fabric, four handles in the form of cross corner and/or sewing from four corners (U panel) are sewn into the fabric to carry. This type of Jumbo Bag is the most common type used for fast and easy transportation and is also quite affordable in terms of price.

Q Big Bag

polypropylene fabrics inside the big bag and in the corner are sewn into the big bag in order to prevent its sagging which its cubic shape is retained when filling and results in a uniform distribution of its contents. The following are some of the advantages of this type of big bag: the strength of the walls and the stability of the product shape and as a result less storage when storing and easier and more economical transportation.

Discharge And Filing Systems

All types of discharge and filling systems are fulfilled according to the customer’s order thus its variants are as follows:
• Conical top (filling spout plain (flat) bottom or open top discharge spout)
• Conical top and bottom (filling spout bottom spout)
• Conical top with protector
• Conical top and bottom with protector
• Duffle top with bottom spout
• Duffle top without bottom spout (Skirt top flat bottom)
• Open top flat bottom

One and Two-Loop

The body fabric is selvage and it comes in one or two loops according to the customer’s order. Various products can be easily stored in a recognizable way using bag handles of different colors. This big bag is the most convenient type to carry with the crane. Its most usual type has a polyethylene layer to protect against moisture.

More about our Products

Eight Loop

It's similar to four-band but the diference is that the straps or belts are taller and they are passed undrer the Big Bag. Eight band (eight straps)can handel a higher weight and can have a safer carry and is a good option to use for carrying liquids & solids.

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